What to do, what to do.... when the weather is poor. A list of ideas from and experieinced RVer and Full-Timer.

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Hello Everyone!  As the climate in the North East is changing for the warmer season, I am reminded of all the little things, tasks, maintenance items that are a pain in the neck, but need to be done.  Many in the following list can be done while camping in the inclement weather; most are in the category of maintenance and repair, but a few are pleasure.  A couple would be classified as desired projects or improvements.  However, one person’s “project” might be another person’s “pleasure”.   Listed below, in no particular order are time consuming past times that all can be done, and most need to be done (at some point) in poorer weather when enjoying the outdoors might not be feasible.

  • Make a list of staples, supplies, and ‘what-not’ that are kept in the RV. Things that are specific to using and enjoying your recreational vehicle. Items that you are running out of or getting low on.
  • If staying for any amount of time in the RV, cook some meals, favorite foods that can be easily frozen such as Chili, Mac-N-Cheese, favorite family comport foods everyone loves.
  • Repairs that you have been putting off.
  • Oil and lube those jalousie windows that never fully close letting cold air in during colder weather camping.
  • Just plain straighten things up. Especially if you have been or will be camping for over a weekend.  The smaller spaces we have in our RVs get cluttered so much faster than at home.
  • Hunker down with a DVD movie, and make some microwave popcorn.
  • Organize cabinet, closet, and storage areas inside and out. If doing outside storage places, you may want to put the awning out to stay dry and out of the rain.  Be careful about the wind though.
  • Vacuum, sweep, mop using Swifter Sweeper style cleaning tools.
  • Clean the windows with spray glass cleaner and paper towels inside and out.
  • Perform key service tasks such as generator oil, filter, air filter changes. This is a very easy service to neglect, but having your generator up and running is key to enjoying your RV in inclement weather.  This maintenance task should be put on a calendar reminder.
  • Check and clean (or replace) air conditioning filters and shrouds and condenser fins. Condenser fins should be cleaned annually and can greatly affect the efficiency of your air conditioners when you need them the most.  Another task easy to forget, but you want to remember before camping in the extreme heat!!
  • If data is available, take the time to review new inverter, battery upgrade(s), and solar options you may be considering.
  • Clean bathroom and kitchen areas
  • In most RV situations, especially if Full-Timing or Boondocking, weight is everything. Go thru all of your RV putting things not used for a certain period of time in a location to go back home to save on unnecessary weight.
  • Move those stereo speakers around like you have been saying you’ve wanted to. Have the kids help! A fun and productive family project.
  • Play a game with your travel partner or family; what a great way to build long lasting relationships and memories!!


So, there you go.  Just a few ideas of ways to pass the time when waiting for the weather to clear or improve while getting things done that need to do at the same time.   These ideas work, along with many other not mentioned here, whether you’re weekend camping in a state park, boon docking on BLM (Bureau of Land Management properties, government owned) land, or a seasoned Full-timer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to your comments below, or drop me a note at  Kirk@RovingRep.com anytime!  Happy Camping and thank you for reading!!


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