Thinking about living in an RV full time? A few considerations and questions to ponder...

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Hello everyone, and thanks for reading another one of our blog posts.  So you’ve been thinking about the fun, adventure, and exciting life of living full time in an RV?  It is a wonderful lifestyle…. for the right person/couple/family, with the right resources, and the right circumstances.  If you don’t have all three of these, it can be a miserable catastrophe.   In this article, I will address, in no particular or priority, a list of 15 questions or issues to ask yourself while thinking this decision over.

This is not a light hearted decision either.  Many people “dream” of the fun and excitement and adventure of this way of life, but they don’t always think of the downfalls and challenges that go along with it.  Please don’t get me wrong, I love the lifestyle more than I can really put into words, but it took a lot of planning, mulling over, and contemplation to get to the point of even taking the first step. 

Some, but certainly not all of the issues, and/or questions to ask yourself are:

  • The size of your unit or RV? How much living space do you require?  Absolutely require?  Can you get by with much much less?
  • Budget and financial issues. Can you afford to get started while making a living doing something else, or are your retired with a nest egg fund you can dip into and rely on while under way?
  • What is your personality? Do you like things constantly changing?
  • Are you mechanically inclined? Repairs and required frequent repairs and maintenance of your RV/camper/coach are an absolute, and can NOT be avoided.  Do you have the skills to do these things yourself?  Do you have the tools and experience or related experience?  What are your “mechanicabilities”?
  • How many people are going to be together? Including pets? 
  • How will you make a living “on the road”, or are you retired? Does your current way to make a living allow changes to adapt to a lifestyle of travel and telecommuting?
  • What are your medical issues, if any, and how will you handle medical insurance, dr. visits, day to day medical requirements if you have a chronic condition or disease? What is your plan to cope with the changes that will come with day to day or month to month location changes?  Picking up medications at your pharmacy while living on the road?
  • Legalities…. What state will you choose to be your required state of residence? How will you receive mail, and if not at a PO Box somewhere that you have forwarded, then where?
  • What type of experience do you have to help you prepare for this major life style change? Have you had an RV that you’ve traveled extensively with in the past?  Have you done your own repairs on your camper or motor home?  Have you lived in small(er) living quarters for an extended period of time?... these rigs, even the larger ones, can get your skin crawling with several days of straight rain. 
  • Do you have a love of the outdoors?
  • “Socialabilty”? Do you enjoy being alone a lot of the time… either by yourself if you’re single, or with your spouse/partner if a couple?
  • What is your level of willingness and rigidity in your open-mindedness toward learning new ways of doing things and adapting to an almost constantly changing environment?
  • What is your “Must Have List”? Long showers? Large flat screen TV with a gazillion clear channels? Love to cook and or bake? …generally speaking, RV kitchens run short on space including space to store neat little gadgets you might have in your “sticks and bricks” kitchen where storage space is more abundant.
  • What will be your mode of transportation when not driving a motorized rig? And if you do plan on driving a motorized rig everywhere for a while, have you contemplated the substantial increase in your fuel consumption?  For example, my 34’ Class A motor home or coach gets 4.3 miles to the gallon (and that’s downhill running in neutral, lol!).   At today’s gas prices, for premium gasoline, it effectively costs 72 a mile to drive my rig.  That’s without towing a vehicle (or “toad” as it’s revered to in the RV world) either.
  • Are you IT savvy? When traveling in a changing location with new and different, and not always available amenities around you, being able to use your smart phone and apps is not just plain an absolute wonderful time saver, and to some, a life saver.
  • And last but not least by any means, do you consider yourself agile and what people refer to as “spry” LOL ? You need to be depending on your set up. Lots of in and out, sometimes up as many as six steps every time you go in or out of your rig.

 So that’s it for now.  Like I wrote, just a few questions and issues to get  us thinking.  Not just about all the fun you’ll have, and it IS a lot of fun and enjoyment, but of the things you may be challenged by and come across in your new life style.    I’m sure there are more to write about, but these will give you some starting points to ponder (if you haven’t already).

Thanks for reading our blog post.  If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below or contact me directly  at  You can browse related blog posts at . We have fun, unique, and different camping and RV related items we offer at the site too. 

See you all next time.  THANK YOU and have a great day!  Next issue…  Any suggestions? Let us know what you’d like to hear about.


  • I really got a lot out of this and wish I had had this list when Dick and I were RVing. Would have made things easier.

    Sherry on

  • Hi Kirk, I really enjoyed your blogs. I had never heard the 15 questions before and I think they are great. My late husband and I did lots of traveling in a fifth wheel and we really enjoyed it. The funny part is I wasn’t and still am not an outdoors person. At that time, I loved to read, watch tv and write letters so it seemed I was always in the camper but once in awhile I would sit outside. No longer go rving but every so often I think I would love a motor home and just take off. But I’m 76 and no longer drive so guess that is out. lol I don’t have a problem being alone so guess that’s aa plus. We did check into different places that would get our mail and send it to us but ended up just having the post office hold it for us. I love going to the RV stores to see everything that they had and was so excited when I would find stationary there. I guess I got carried away here so will stop. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your blogs as they take me back to a “special time” in my life. Until next time, Sherry

    Sherry on

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